It is my great pleasure to strongly recommend RKC, Roger Knight Construction. My journey to build this work of art began in March of 2020 a very troubling and unpredictable time in our history. Without RKC there is serious doubt the project would have been completed correctly, on time or perhaps ever even broken ground at all. RKC was able to coordinate and complete every step of the way on time and even ahead of schedule. Their crew was incredible to work with as I was onsite everyday to watch the progress of my building. They were responsive to all questions, and I felt welcome at every moment to give my insight and opinions during the construction.

The meetings leading up to breaking ground were precise and extremely detailed orientated to ensure a smooth construction timeline. Every question was answered in detail by a team of extremely knowledgeable individuals within their fields. The game plan to execute the project was precise and detailed and I was completely assured of their abilities throughout the whole process.

The project was completed ahead of schedule with minimal surprises and very few change orders on my behalf. The budget and timeline were completely followed throughout construction without a hitch. The final product is literally a piece of art. The efficiency and durability of the building is unlike any I have seen and used before. The volume of business through my doors is very high and the building has been a talking point for countless customers. I have had the great pleasure to serve many different contractors and construction companies who were sent throughout the area to see this building, and all take their hats off to RKC for an exceptional piece of work. To hear the comments and praises from different companies assured me my choice with RKC was 100% the right decision. My business has received many accolades and publicity since its opening, and all have commented on the quality of craftsmanship and building design that RKC has brought to life.

Please feel free to contact myself with any questions, and I invite all to see their work firsthand at Bricks Corner.

Joshua Poticha