“Our facility was completed on time and within budget, even with over 40 change orders. I would recommend Roger Knight Construction to any company with my highest regard for their ability to get the job done and with the highest quality.”

Dean Hoffman, Columbus Community Center

“Roger Knight Construction has shown that they possess the know-how and the determination to fulfill the wants of an owner. We appreciate all that everyone in your company contributed to get our facility up and running, especially your availability to take care of our concerns.”

Harry Babb, Waxie Sanitary, Inc.

“I wish all contractors I worked with were as honest and hardworking as Roger Knight Construction. They gave me a product that was finished exactly as I wanted it.”

Eric Bumstead, Eagle Lake Golf Course

More Client Testimonials

  • Meadows Bank Testimonial

    I have known Roger Knight Construction and have worked with the company professionally for over 15 years. I was introduced to Roger Knight Construction by a client who was using them as a contractor on their project. Since then, I have partnered with Roger Knight Construction on many, many other projects. I have seen that Roger Knight Construction does quality work. I know they can do a great job and build a quality product. The company is also very organized. Meadows Bank has never had a problem with the company fulfilling the Bank's construction requirements. Roger Knight, Dave Frampton and [...]

  • Parris RV Testimonial

    Parris RV has had the opportunity to work with the staff at Roger Knight Construction the past few years on two occasions with multi-million-dollar projects. Their bidding process with their sub-contractors is very clear and you have a very good idea what to expect the project to price in at up front. They have wonderful sub-contractors that do quality work, they are honest and make things right when needed and both projects were completed in a timely manner. All in all, we would highly recommend Roger Knight Construction for any project, big or small. If you have any questions or [...]

  • Bricks Corner Testimonial

    It is my great pleasure to strongly recommend RKC, Roger Knight Construction. My journey to build this work of art began in March of 2020 a very troubling and unpredictable time in our history. Without RKC there is serious doubt the project would have been completed correctly, on time or perhaps ever even broken ground at all. RKC was able to coordinate and complete every step of the way on time and even ahead of schedule. Their crew was incredible to work with as I was onsite everyday to watch the progress of my building. They were responsive to all [...]